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leadershipWhen it comes to leadership, women are increasingly proving to be better than men. Certain specific abilities and managerial strengths are gifted to women, only getting better with practice. On social platforms, women are sadly faced with inequality stemming from society’s negative perception.

With the same diligence they show commitment at the workplace, women should also be compensated on equal terms as men. Even with these challenges, here are reasons why women easily trounce men in leadership;

Motivating Others

Generally, women are natural motivators who sense when it is necessary to offer support. They learn the triggers to an individual’s fears and motivations, seeking to find a middle ground. Ideas for motivation materialize effortlessly.

Men exhibit phobia when faced with emotional situations, taking a back seat rather than offering guidance. Studies consistently show that employees with women bosses are genuinely engaged in work obligations.

Equipped To Succeed Against All Odds

In a world where women have had to face a form of discrimination or another, dealing with challenges is a necessity. Women have had to stand up for themselves, achieving major leadership feats on the process.

Succeeding the odds is now being achieved with flying colors, revolutionizing the corporate space. Women are naturally driven to prove wrong those who seek to place barriers between them and their career and life aspirations.

Incredibly Patient

Unlike men, women in leadership won’t rush into decisions without clearly thinking them through. Before jumping into serious business conclusions, a lot has to go into reasoning and seeking the best solutions. This helps keep the atmosphere at work calm and conducive.

Stress is among the greatest contributors of resentment and unproductivity at work. Women are the best at calming down stressful situations, simply through gentleness and calmness. When not tamed, stress can ruin chances of promotion and salary increment.

Firm Business Ethics

While most women only subscribe to ideal business ethics in the workplace, women take a broader approach. Ladies would rather place ego aside and practice their ideal ethics in all aspects of their lives, rather than unsettle the working atmosphere.

As they pursue fairness, women fully recognize and respect the rights of their colleagues. The ethical behavior of initiating and spreading harmony is highly revered in corporate circles. Organizations are now more inclined to offering prestigious leadership positions to women.

Superior Managerial Skills

From their excellence in home management for ages, women portray characteristic of planning and saving naturally. They can thus manage well even when stocks run low, making them ideal for handling turbulent business environments. Their efficiency in managing resources is incomparable.

Maintaining a balance and careful allocation are achieved through intricate planning and thoughtful scheduling. Men are at times too casual, opting to ‘cross the bridge when they get there’. In contrast, women are proactive and openly considerate to subordinates and coworkers alike.

Excellent Communicators

Jokingly, women are said to be talkative; the corporate world proves that they talk sense amongst themselves. In extension, this virtue is integrated into organizations when they actively take up leadership roles. Every decision is thought out rationally before executions.

For women, snagging a business deal is achieved through tactful and precise communication. In the rough corporate world, these soft skills are sure winners in efficiency. Crisp flow of information in any organization leads to greater and lasting success.

As men prioritize actions over words, they at times end up making avoidable and costly mistakes. Customer and employee concerns are best handled by women, helping establish and maintain strong relations.

Good at Collaborating

It is women’s natural instincts to bridge gaps and bring people together. At the workplace, they comfortably handle multiple roles, interacting with many colleagues in the process. A happier organization is poised for success and triumph over competitors.

Being alpha-males, men in leadership positions seek to directly assert their authority without emphasizing on teamwork. Women prefer working in a team, seeking solutions together, and looking out for the best interest of all subordinates and staff.


Across the board, women are now taking up an increased percentage of leadership positions. In social and corporate settings, their empathy makes them invaluable as sources of encouragement and motivation. With clear visions, they have lead companies to greater profits and loyal client communities.

The world should move towards putting more women in charge of leadership positions. The positive effects will trickle down to all levels of society. Which women leaders motivate you? Let us know in the comment section. We are much obliged to further this conversation.

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The Female Founders Fund (F Cubed) has released it’s annual update for 2015 on the state of female-led companies.

F Cubed invests in areas where women-led startups have incredible impact: e-commerce, media, web-enabled products and services, marketplaces and platforms.

Read their report on the state of female-led companies here.

careerSeveral researches have proved that though the tide is changing for women leaders, only a fraction of women employees are elevated to the top leadership positions. The following article talks more about this issue and suggests the things that an aspiring woman leader should stop believing.

Looking at the entry levels, one can see more than half of the staff in a company is female, but as you see at the higher levels, the number shrinks drastically! On an average, men at workplace get more number of critical assignments, and thus career advancement and salary hikes for them than their female counterparts. Have you ever thought why this is happening? Does the world still not treating women at par or the women employees are lacking something? May be a right attitude!

Let’s try and find this out.

The two possible reasons why women quit before advancing to the leadership roles or lack behind in accepting the new big responsibilities:

Gender Biases: Many women employees still feel the disadvantage of gender biases at the workplace. Men are offered more strategic roles, while women are believed to be a right fit for operational ones. This difference makes them feel that they have lower potential, thus losing their confidence to reach the top.

Family Responsibilities: Long work hours, demanding job roles often become serious reasons for women to quit their jobs, particularly when they have children. Most of the women employees prioritize family over work, or prefer to have a balanced lifestyle.

Four Things You Should Stop Saying/Believing

  1. I can’t promote myself

Women employees think that personal branding is not their cup of tea, and if they do this, it will raise many eyebrows. In fact, if you have the talent to reach the next level of your career, it is vital to flaunt it. Men have a tendency to nominate themselves for every opportunity, even if they do not meet the skills. On the other hand, women do not get it simply because they do not ask for it, or are “too nice” to ask for anything, even what they deserve. Remember, holding back won’t help you. It’s the time to nominate yourself and promote legitimately.

  1. I can’t have a successful career with a family

Another myth for the aspiring women leaders! Women tend to overburden them with the thought of prioritizing everything in their life. Really, you don’t have to trade-off to land in an extreme career. Women undoubtedly have to bear both the responsibilities-family and work, but leaving the one option for another creates a point of dissatisfaction deep inside your heart. Instead, look for some possible solutions. For instance, ask your employer for flexible work hours, short-term projects, or even work from home option.

  1. I can’t dream beyond my job description

Limiting your knowledge and skill to your current job description is one of the biggest hindrances to your career progression. Agree that you have to give your 100% efforts to the job role, but looking for opportunities outside your role makes you confident to identify new work.

  1. I will have to wait to get noticed

A lot of women employees have a myth that they should wait to get noticed. On the other hand, men do not miss on any opportunity to make their bosses notice about their achievements. My dear, to stand out from the competitive crowd, it is vital to look for opportunities yourself. If you are doing hard work and delivering good results, make yourself get noticed. Believe me, no one will show faith in you, unless you appreciate and reward your work.

Women employees, undoubtedly, are talented and deserve to reach at the top of their career. All they need to do is, recognize and promote their capabilities, and just don’t let go what you deserve!

Swati Srivastava is an avid writer who loves to pen down her ideas and career tips for job seekers and professionals. Her articles are published on several reputed career sites.  Currently she is writing for

Lisa Miller has a fantastic essay on the New York Post titled “Why We Need Older Women in the Workplace”.  We love what Lisa has to say but even more important is the comments on the article.  Read them and you’ll see that the issue may not be about women after all but people of both genders over 50.  You can read the article and comments here.

Business 2 Community has a fantastic article about women leaders by Yasmina Yousfi.  Yasmina says “Nowadays, some of the best leaders on the planet are women. There’s still a lot of progress to be made where women in leadership roles are concerned, but one step forward is to look at how females tend to lead. The following leadership lessons are ones that men can learn from their female counterparts. In doing so, they can become better leaders themselves and better appreciate what women can bring to the table.”  Read the entire article here.