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women in leadership
It’s rightly stated that leadership often seems inconspicuous, if one overlooks the traits pertaining to the same. Building on the same line of thought, one can’t simply respect or value a leadership gesture without identifying the characteristics that cause it. Of course, stemming out of this identity crisis woman leaders are falling victim to ignorance at workplace. Today’s women has risen from the grounds of uncertainty to go beyond the expected and score laurels for the society. For instance, at S & P 500 companies 4.8% of the CEO positions are held by women. Although this doesn’t account for the majority, but the growth trajectory also needs some consideration.

Be it Margaret Thatcher or Mother Teresa, women in leadership have always adorned global history. However, people today still walk on with the sounds of ‘ignorance is bliss’ playing out loud in their heads. A lady might manage to be the perfect homemaker and still nip her tasks at work, in short – be the master of opportunity management. But, the world she lives in will nag her with their stereotypical thoughts and continue to undervalue any initiative at her part.

Mentioned below are 4 such traits which are quite quintessential to the existence of women, yet are underestimated by the crowd. Go through them with due consideration to bring about a change.

1)    Being A True Opportunist

Women have a constant habit of looking for opportunities whenever confronted with challenges. Optimistically they push their efforts beyond the limit to achieve results that not only benefit them, but all in general. Now that’s an essential leadership trait, but nobody cares!

Their mindset is dipped in pure optimism to find opportunity in everything they see. For example, the two marketing techniques quite prominent by the name-‘the free gift’ and ‘gift-with-purchase’ were nothing but the result of a Hungarian mother’s sheer inventiveness during adverse times.

2)    Strategic Thinking

You might have seen your mother or wife keeping things in right balance, even with a meager budget that you see as peanuts. As small as it may seem, but that’s the ability to envision results and form strategies to achieve them.

At times they ‘play the part’ to test the intentions of those around, hence rightly judging the reliability factor. Seriously, successful women know when to break free from the shackles of ambiguity and anticipate the unexpected.

Be it any organization you pick, women tackle risk ahead of time to get the root cause of a problem and solve for it, efficiently.

3)    Entrepreneurial Skills

Isn’t entrepreneurship an integral part of a woman’s reflexes? They prove to be extremely resourceful in connecting the right dots and develop the necessary link to get dome with the job at hand. Like a true entrepreneur, they keep a bull’s eye focus on the objectives and sustain the required momentum. In addition to this, creativity seems to be persistent in every action they carry out. Being at par with the responsibilities they’re assigned, women have every modicum of courage it takes to get an idea to work. Sounds like true entrepreneur, right?

4)    Finding a Purpose to Everything

Women leaders have always enjoyed inspiring others to believe and accomplish whatever they desire. They are well-acquainted with the feeling of being an underdog and incessantly suppressed by the ones they’re around. Having high standards they make it difficult for others to abuse any special privileges and be unjust.

Plus, they’re excellent networkers who value the idea of others and put forth a rational frame of mind to convert what is impossible into goals that require due efforts.

In short – women have always been the nucleus of this rapidly changing global scenario. Being the harbingers of accomplishments, they don’t demand for a shout-out in their favor. All they need is due recognition, wherever fair. Rest will fall in place by itself.

Author Bio: Swati Srivastava is an avid writer who loves to pen down her ideas and career tips for job seekers and professionals. Her articles are published on several reputed career sites.  Currently she is writing for

Rachel Sugar of Business Insider has written an article “Why the future of work is looking bright for women”. She writes about research done by Raina Brands, an assistant professor of organizational behavior at London Business School, that a shift by companies to flatter structures and looser hierarchies could be particularly good for women in leadership positions.  You can read the entire article here.

“If you want anything said, ask a man. If you want something done, ask a woman.”
– Margaret Thatcher

professional speakerAs more women continue to climb the success ladder in today’s competitive business world, they continue to present a unique set of abilities and qualities they bring to their workplaces. The world has given us several reputed names of women leaders, such as Ginni Rometty (Chairman/CEO-IBM), Mary Barra (CEO-General Motors), Indra Nooyi (Chairman/CEO-PepsiCo), and Ellen Kullman (Chairman/CEO-DuPont).

What makes them different from others? If you are a woman who aspires to earn a name in the business world, remember that every woman leader naturally possesses a set of leadership traits. All you need to do is to recognize and develop them. Your mother, wife, or sister-in-law- all possess natural leadership skills, which make them a master of ‘opportunity management’. They simply know how to keep everything in check – business or household activities.

The important leadership traits include:

  1. Opportunity-driven

When confronted with any kind of challenge, women in leadership roles tend to find the opportunities within. If you see it as a half-empty glass of water, she will find it as half-full! Optimism is their biggest asset as this mindset makes them see the positive side in everything.

  1. Entrepreneurship

This trait is just a way of life for almost every next woman leader. They are an expert in connecting the dots of opportunity, developing relationships, and are resourceful. They know how to see through the entrepreneurial lens to locate the best opportunity for business. They prefer to remain more focused on the objective and do not appreciate any distractions during meetings. One of my women bosses once shared that women can easily play workplace politics, if required. They know how not to lose the rhythm when the need is to accomplish a specific goal.

  1. Strategic Thinking

Women have the skill to look into the smallest of details. Many talented women leaders, even do not feel shy to peel the onion to get into the roots of any important matter. Successful women leaders keenly calculate the time to be allotted for each task, anticipate the possible outcome, and play the right game. Strategically accomplishing the things within a natural speed and rhythm to avoid any risk is the art that should be learned from them. It’s not that they are afraid of taking risks, but they know how to value time and money.

  1. Purposeful

Women entrepreneurs are known to be good at inspiring others. They are purposeful and attentive about how to nurture the talent in others and work in a team. They are excellent in networking and are good listeners. This trait makes them understand and recognize the hidden opportunities in a business. When they sense tensions, successful women employees have the potential to lead and find the possible solution.

  1. Passionate

For a long time, women are stereotyped as emotional. However, I believe that they should be defined as passionate explorers who seek for excellence in everything they do. Successful leaders avoid procrastination and have a sense of control, independence, and stability. True leaders are a strong believer of team building, hard work, and passion to accomplish the goals.

  1. Perfect Balance

No one can teach how to strike a perfect balance in life than a woman leader. She manages the family and work with ease. Whether at work or home, they represent great leadership skills in keeping the things in the right order. They are the ones who naturally know how to secure the roots of either a family, or a business.

So, get ready to climb up the career ladder!

About Swati Srivastava:

Swati Srivastava is an avid writer who loves to pen down her ideas and career tips for job seekers and professionals. Her blog posts, new stories, and articles are focused on the extensive domain of employment sector in the gulf. Currently she is writing for Follow her @TwitterILinkedInIGoogle+.


The Strategic Management Journal has published a study that researched how female managers affect the ability of other women to get promoted.  Unfortunately researchers found that having one female in a management position often meant that other females did not get an opportunity to follow that same path.

The journal studied management in 1,500 organizations from 1991 to 2011.  What they found was discouraging.  When a firm promoted a woman to a management position the opportunities for the rest of the female staff dropped by about 50%.

To learn more about this study read the article on Daily

Contributor Glenn Llopis writes an essay about women and leadership in Forbes. He writes that as of July 2013, there were only 19 female elected presidents and prime ministers in power around the globe. In the business world, women currently hold only 4.6 percent of Fortune 500 CEO positions and the same percentage of Fortune 1000 CEO positions.

Raised by hard-working, strong-willed women has allowed Mr. Llopis to understand and value the unique traits that women bring to leadership.  To read his entire eassy visit Forbes.