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keynote speakerMove up or move out. When those two options appear to be the only ones, dissatisfaction grows and engagement suffers. In decades of studying careers around the globe, Beverly Kaye, Lindy Williams, and Lynn Cowart have found that, in fact, there are more options. And rethinking career mobility can lead you to them!

Career mobility isn’t just about moving to a new city or country. It’s about stretching, learning, and transforming. Whether you’re working on your own career or you’re a manager, a mentor, or a coach helping others, Up Is Not the Only Way offers you six ways to build successful mobile careers.

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Carey Perloff, Artistic Director, American Conservatory Theater, has read Sheryl Sandberg’s book “Lean In” and reveals what she thinks of the book.  We particularly like the way she ties the book into the story of her career.  It’s an interesting viewpoint and one worth reading at the Huffington Post.

There are many parallels between those who succeed in sport and those who succeed in business. In both worlds goal setting and planning are keys to success – and positive thinking is vital to ensure that self belief is the order of every day. But there is one secret weapon that sets the winners apart from those who fall short of their true potential – and that is the sheer power of self-discipline. Without it, it is all too easy to lose your focus and be easily distracted from your goal.

How many times do most people attempt to achieve a goal before giving up? Would you guess 1, 2 or 3? The real answer is more likely to be 0.5. The majority of people give up before they even try.

Self discipline is a hard-won habit that will tune up your brain for focused action, even when you would prefer to be doing something else. Strengthening your capacity for self-discipline is like building a personal investment fund for future success. Becoming more self-disciplined today will help you to deliver greater and more positive results tomorrow. In my experience, it is the core trait that sets successful people apart in every field of endeavor. It’s all about what are you prepared to do to get the outcome you desire.

Without it, nothing will ever happen and nothing will ever change. Those who are willing to use their time wisely, as well as putting in the hours and the effort, are more likely to achieve their goals – on time, and ahead of the competition.

Wander Woman: How High-Achieving Women Find Contentment and Direction by Marcia Reynolds, PsyD is the first personal development book focused on the needs and desires of women focused on achieving big goals as opposed to the general population of women. These women do not want to focus on their fears and will probably not balance their lives. They need a book that will address their specific challenges.

Based on the Dr. Reynold’s doctoral research and decades of coaching smart, strong women, Wander Woman identified a growing number of women who are constantly searching for “something more” in their lives. Although these women are confident in their abilities and continue to stack up the accomplishments, at the end of the day they are discontented, disappointed and exhausted.

First, Reynolds defines the societal factors that led to the drive and restlessness these women experience. Then she defines the dark side of women raised to excel—in their constant search for the next great thing, they lose a sense of who they are and what their purpose is beyond their accomplishments and praise.

Once the reader can clearly identify her challenges, the bulk of the chapters in Wander Woman provide practical exercises, powerful questions and case studies to help the reader channel her restless energy into a more fulfilling path. In the end, the reader will release her “burden of greatness” and be free to choose her own life rules and direction.

This book should be required reading for young women in high school or college. No one wants to think about the possibility of divorce or the certainty of death but preparing women for either circumstance is critical and this book is an important tool.

This softcover book is geared towards women contemplating marriage or those who are already married. It’s a fact that many married women allow their husbands to handle the family finances while they sit idly by and sign anything that their husband places in front of them. The consequences of this behavior is made clear by the author Helga Hayse. Hayse says in the book “Our willingness to let our husband handle the finances in the marriage impacts our own financial safety and our ability to cope in the event of widowhood or divorce.” No statement has been more true.

This helpful book is a wakeup call to women everywhere. After meeting a financially strapped widow the author began to wonder how she would cope if her husband died. She interviewed hundreds of people on the topic of marital finances and each story was more heartbreaking than the last.

Hayse had her wakeup call and began the slow process of learning everything she needed to know about her marital finances. She and her husband began financial planning and shortly after all the documents were signed her husband died in freak accident at home. Hayse takes her experience from both sides of the fence to empower women to take control of their finances.

I found this book to be empowering and filled with information that most women never consider. Topics covered include premarital and postmarital agreements, death of a spouse, divorce and even remarriage. In addition to the generous advice shared there are questionnaires, checklists, worksheets, recommended reading and additional resources.

The author even includes a separate chapter for “For Husbands Only” that gently guides men to realize that they can show their love for their wife by beginning and completing the process of financial planning.

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