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Courtesy of NPR:

It’s perhaps the unlikeliest symphony orchestra in the world — an all-female ensemble from a strict Muslim society where it’s often dangerous for young women to step outside of their homes unescorted. It’s called Zohra — the name of a music goddess in Persian literature, according to its founder. Watch the video below and read the rest of the article here.

A teenager named Lal Bibi was kidnapped, raped, tortured and chained to a wall for five days by a gang of powerful Afghan police officers. But she stood up to do what women in Afghanistan are told not to — she is fighting back, and together we can help her and all Afghan women win justice.

According to deep cultural mandates, as a raped woman, Lal Bibi has been “dishonoured” and will kill herself — and she publicly says she must, unless her rapists are brought to justice to restore her honour and dignity. Afghanistan’s justice system routinely fails to pursue these cases and so far the chief suspects in Lal Bibi’s case have not been prosecuted, likely in the hopes that international attention will die down. Every day that passes without the prosecutions pushes Lal Bibi closer to suicide — but there is hope.  Read more at Avaaz and sign the petition!

A horrifying story out of Afghanistan courtesy of The New York Post… a young woman with three children has been murdered allegedly at the hands of her mother-in-law and husband.  The reason?  The girl’s family believes that she was murdered because she gave birth to three girls despite the fact that her husband and mother-in-law demanded she have a boy!  Imagine that!  Clearly, a lack of education is an issue because it is the man who determines the gender of the child – not the woman.  The mother-in-law is in police custody but he husband is no where to be found.  To read the entire horrid story click here.