“Resiliency Minutes-Booster Shots for Intelligent Optimists” are audio shorts featuring Eileen McDargh, CSP, CPAE meant to inform, entertain and inspire.  Click on each link and the audio will open in your selected media player.

Resiliency Minutes: United World College-Teens Lead the way

A world brought closer together through a high school experience.

Resiliency Minutes: Don’t Let Fear Stop You!

Do that which you think you can’t and win!

Resiliency Minutes: Listening for Bonding

To keep relationships, the ears have it!

Resiliency Minutes: Assisi Synchronicity

A trip to Assisi, Italy on September 11 brings about a great lesson on love and forgiveness.

Resiliency Minutes: Bald is Beautiful

Hear the story about a man caring for his wife during a serious illness and what lessons he learned.

Resiliency Minutes: Change Your Patterns

Discover the unexpected joy of doing something unexpected. Take a risk and reap the rewards!

Resiliency Minutes: First On The Trail

There is always a price being the first but learn the pleasure of being a trailblazer!

Resiliency Minutes: Reading Holds Hands With Resiliency

Learn about the book “Learning Disabilities: There Is A Cure” by a former teacher and clinician.

Resiliency Minutes: Comfort Zones Need to Be Broken

A gentle nudge for breaking out and breaking free.

Resiliency Minutes: Roots and Shoots

Kids can save the world and teach us. Learn about youth activism that can save our planet and our people.

Resiliency Minutes: The Grace of Gratitude

Gratitude is an ENERGY Boost! Why should Thanksgiving be a one-day event?

Resiliency Minutes: Life in Stitches

Find the fabric of your life in this story about a quilt made by Carol Bloom.

Resiliency Minutes: Reach a Child

Learn about REACH-A-Child™ an organization that helps children in crisis.

Resiliency Minutes: Age 90 – And Still Teaching Me

Sister Helen Lang, a Benedictine Nun and former teacher, finds joy in life even at the age of 90.

Resiliency Minutes: Ritual Pauses Change and Anchors

There is nothing constant in life but change so try to create meaningful rituals that bring people together.

Resiliency Minutes: A New Year’s Tale From The Eyes Of A Child

Discover, with the eyes of a child, a way to experience the world in a different fashion.

Resiliency Minutes:  Meaningful Work

Seeing results and knowing your work matters is critical to survival. What are YOU measuring?

Resiliency Minutes: One Hand Wash at a Time

Learn about an amazing woman who traveled the United States spreading the message about fighting germs by washing hands.

Resiliency Minutes: From The Mouths Of Children

“And a little child will lead them.” Discover how to tap into the wisdom of children.

Resiliency Minutes: Spread The Love

It’s the little things in life that are so meaningful that they leave a lasting impression.

Resiliency Minutes: Jewelry with a Purpose

Lucinda Yates, a formerly homeless woman, created a jewelry company that supports dozens of non-profits.

Resiliency Minutes: Take Risks – Make Messes

Learn how exploration opens possibilities and makes life even sweeter.

Resiliency Minutes: Stick Your Neck Out

Can you be brave and like a giraffe stick your neck out?

Resiliency Minutes: A Mile for a Smile

The energy of a smile makes magic for both the giver and the receiver!

Resiliency Minutes: What Moments do You Create?

Look for moments that encourage us about life. Will the moments you make help people remember you?

Resiliency Minutes: Sing While You Work

Learn the story of a singing airport driver who brightens everyone’s day.

Resiliency Minutes: Motley Camp Counselors

A camp created for traumatized children brings together a motley crew of camp counselors.

Resiliency Minutes: Locks of Love

A six child teaches us all about compassion with a wise and unexpected gift!