retreat for women

You’ve been linked in, twittered, blackberried, facebooked, and bombarded with the voices of from so many people who want, demand, ask, and advise. What if you had a ½ day to turn off those voices and instead, come away and join a process to listen to the voice inside your one precious self? And in the process, you will also learn new items.

What if you could be surrounded by women who want nothing more than your good and to support you in whatever verbalizations come from this time of quiet and guided reflection?

And, what if you could stand in a backyard, gaze across to mountains, and just let your spirit soar?

If this sounds appealing, send us an email at and let us know of your interest.   we will put you on the mailing list to receive the schedule of seminar retreats.

“Your woman’s retreat was full of important revelations for me and I highly recommend it to anyone. Even if you think you have clarity and know what to do, some surprising insights emerge. The first exercise helped me pinpoint a key idea that before the workshop, didn’t have words. The “I am”  journaling exercise made those words clear and provided a newfound resolve to “stay on the path.” I especially valued the interaction of the women, hearing their stories, and being able to listen to our common issues. I was left wanting more time. I hope you will schedule these regularly so we can continue to support each other as we live out the path we’ve created. You’ve started something wonderful and I was delighted to be part of it.”

– Lorna Riley, President of Chart Learning Systems

 “No matter where you are on your life journey, you’ll walk out of this workshop with a better understanding of who you are and what is important to you. Eunice and Eileen created a warm and inspiring environment in a retreat-like, group setting where participants felt safe and comfortable to share their true feelings and vulnerabilities. They challenged and encouraged everyone to dig deeper for truth and understanding. It was truly an inspiring and transformational experience and a process that I will integrate into my daily life as I move forward on my life’s journey.”

– Lily Guthrie