womenWe started this website in March 2010 with the 30th Anniversary of National Women’s History Month. The theme of 2010  was “writing women back into history”. Our initial thrust was to highlight known and many unknown women who have made a significant mark of a professional, international, national, or personal nature.

Since that time, we have become a repository for educational content, articles, interviews, podcasts, book reviews and resources related to leadership development in a challenging world.  We also offer links to business ventures that encourage women’s economic cooperatives and educational outreach.

During this journey the founders of this site wrote the booklet “40 Tips for Speaking Up, Speaking Out, and Being Heard”.  You can purchase it for yourself or call us at 949-496-8640 for a discount to buy it for your entire staff.

Our mission is to create conversations that matter and connections that count for women seeking to expand their leadership impact and effectiveness in creating a world that works for all.

Through this social media, we hope to create candid discussions that impact women leaders—recognizing first and foremost, that all leadership begins with self-leadership.  Likewise, we seek and encourage our male colleagues to contribute so that we might understand and celebrate our differences and similarities – thus improving working relationships.