Time journalist Belinda Luscombe learned an important lesson in childhood “I had a choice, I could either stop bodysurfing (and thus get left behind) or get used to getting dumped. Eventually I figured out a solution: wipe yourself out so you get used to it and don’t dread it as much.”  She writes about why women need to fail more often by taking more risks.  Read the entire article here.

eBay has more female workers in their workforce than any other Tech company says Dara Kerr on CNET.  They must have read the studies about the advantages of more female leaders because they have more than doubled the number of women in leadership roles over the past three years.  You can read more about it here.

GuardianLive Science Staff Writer,  Tia Ghose, says “When it comes to smarts, women are catching up to men in some areas and outpacing them in others, new research has found.

In particular, women, on average, are better than men at so-called episodic memory, which involves recalling and describing experiences and facts, while men’s edge over women in numerical abilities has narrowed somewhat. The findings were drawn from a large study of older people from 13 different European countries.

Overall, humans have gotten smarter through time. That cognitive leap is thanks largely to better health, education and living conditions, the new study finds.”

You need to read the rest of this article Women Are Getting Smarter Faster Than Men, Study Says