The Trib Live has a really in-depth article about how flexible work arrangements can both help and hurt women.  In some cases women have lost career trajectory after taking advantage of these company benefits.  Read “Maternity leave can actually stifle women’s ascent to company executive ranks” to learn more.

From the article “The wars were a catalyst for women to work in more roles,” says Jenny Dibden, a director in the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. “Now, there’s a much stronger sense that women working within the civil service is normal and natural. The real effort should now be on enabling women to progress to the higher grades.”  Read more.

National Geographic has an interesting article titled “Why It’s Crucial to Get More Women Into Science”.  Even though women make up half of the workforce in the United States they still lag behind men in science and math fields like engineering and computer science.  Read the article to discover why this trend much be reversed.